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Set the Stage for the Ultimate Feast: Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Even though fall officially begins in September, you can still add a touch of fall to your Thanksgiving table. If you prefer a more festive mood, why not go with a sparkly holiday look? After all, for many people, Thanksgiving is the start of the winter holiday season. We’d love to share our tips for creating a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Celebrate the Bounty of the Earth

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the bounty of riches we enjoy every day. Show your gratitude when you display fresh fruit centerpieces. Instead of running out to buy new vases or bowls, use what you already have. Fill clear crystal vases with arrangements of lilies, orange roses, and red carnations. Arrange seasonal fruits such as pears, grapes, and clementines in bowls. Add interest and color with heads of curly cabbage. Highlight your centerpieces by leaving the table uncovered. Brightly colored flowers and fruits set on a rich wood backdrop look stunning!

The Garland Table Runner

Looking for a Thanksgiving table showstopper? Go natural with a table runner made of a long garland of seasonal greenery, magnolia leaves, and seeded eucalyptus. For a splash of color, add clementines and cinnamon sticks. Compliment this impressive centerpiece with personalized coasters for each guest. There are almost endless ways to make coasters special including monograms, your name, a special quote, or a customized design.

A Simple Approach

Who says the Thanksgiving table needs to be complicated? Go with something simple this year. First, gather tall, wide, clear vases. Fill with fall foliage. Berry sprigs, fall leaves, and greenery all work well. Once you fill the vases, cluster at the table’s center. Instead of mistletoe, hang berry sprigs from the dining table chandelier. A personalized letter coaster for each guest is an elegant finishing touch.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

The Foliage of Fall

If you have a few hours for a nature walk, you can put together a lovely Thanksgiving-themed centerpiece. Gather enough brown nuts, like acorns, and fill a clear glass pillar vase. If you can, find sunflowers and cut the stems so they’re shorter than the other foliage. Place the sunflowers at the bottom of the arrangement. Fill in around the sunflowers with fall leaves and grasses.

Pumpkins and Gourds

Another simple Thanksgiving centerpiece features pumpkins and gourds. If you have a woven tray, it makes a fantastic vessel for your pumpkin and gourd collection. Fill half of the tray with the beautiful fall fruits. Then fill a vase with fall flowers. Place the vase on the tray in the corner. Surround on one side by the pumpkins and gourds. Accent the table with personalized coasters of wood for guests.

Sparkling Snow Globes

If you can’t wait for the next winter holiday, start celebrating at Thanksgiving. Use recycled jars filled with faux greenery. Look for decorative foliage and glitter. Fill the jars, and voila, you have snow globes. For a little extra sparkle, add solar lights to each snow globe. Scatter the snow globes across the table and create an elegant shimmery look that you can use all season long.

Pinecone Elegance

Here’s another Thanksgiving décor idea that can stay on your table until well after the New Year. Find a large oval white dish. Gather pinecones and decorative berries or cranberries. Place four tea light candles in the dish, and fill it in with pinecones, cranberries, and berries. Take yet another opportunity to show your friends how thankful you are for them. Leave elegant personalized coasters at each seat and watch guests’ eyes sparkle.

Looking for ways to make your guests feel special this Thanksgiving? When you create the table centerpieces, don’t forget personalized coasters for your guests. Let Define U help you select the perfect coasters.