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About Us

Define U offers customizable designs on tumblers, coasters, glassware, plasticware and Home Décor. We make it simple to order personalized designs for your local customer. Everything from your latitude and longitude, to your local lake, city skyline, humorous pet sayings and much more. We strive to have a product and design that reflects trends in your market. And, we make it even easier to bring these customizable designs to you by offering NO minimums and engraved product at competitive blank pricing. Look no further than Define U for your Wholesale needs. Our commitment to quality artwork designs ensures each customer will receive a personalized treasure.

Charitable Giving

DeFineU LLC is dedicated to self-empowerment around the globe. We are partnered with non-profit organizations that benefit and support you.

“We are honored that Theresa recognizes the importance of young women’s leadership development. Define-U will provide three scholarships for girls to attend our weeklong Girls Take Charge leadership and empowerment program. She serves as a strong role model showing how you can catapult your dreams if you have courage and leadership to take initiative to start something new.”

Beth Mooney, Director, Learning to Lea